Leica DISTO X6

The Leica DISTO X6 is especially suitable for rough construction sites. With an IP65 rating, the extremely robust housing protects against dust and water jets and is drop tested from a height of 2 m, underlining the reliability and durability of this laser measure. With its Pointfinder and large, crystal-clear display, it is perfect for outdoor use. Simple and ergonomic operation is also guaranteed due to the touch screen and the additional measuring button on the side. In addition, a variety of measurement functions, such as Smart Horizontal Mode, height tracking, profile or angle measurements, ensure that any measurement situation can be completed quickly and efficiently. The results can be downloaded as a report and integrated directly, e.g. in quotations, ensuring an error-free, digital workflow.

Leica DISTO X6

  • Interior and Exterior Use
  • Ideal for Tough Construction Sites
  • Clear Reports Simplify Documentation
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In The Box:

Leica DISTO X6

  • Leica DISTO X6 laser distance meter
  • Hand loop
  • Pouch
  • USB cable
  • Safety instructions
  • Calibration Certificate Silver
  • Quick Start with QR code linking to online manual
  • 3 Years warranty card

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Product Features:

  • Range up to 250 m
  • ± 1.0 mm accuracy, 0.1 mm resolution
  • Fast Start-up time
  • Bright and clear 2.8” IPS touchscreen with scratch-proof lens
  • DIST key on the side for even more intuitive measurements
  • Robust according to IP65 and drop tested from 2 meters
  • Trigger measurements with gestures
  • Memory for 300 reports
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • USB-C charging and download of data
  • Keyboard simulating data-transfer via Bluetooth®
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 Technology for error-free data transfer
  • Works with DISTO Plan App (iOS and Android) and DISTO transfer (Windows)
  • Compatible with DST 360-X adapter to enable P2P measurements

Leica DISTO X6

Accuracy with favourable conditions *

1.0 mm / 1/16″ ***

Accuracy with unfavourable conditions **

2.0 mm / 1/8″ ***

Range with favourable conditions *

0.05 – 250 m / 0.07 – 820 ft ***

Range with unfavourable conditions **

0.05 – 150 m / 0.07 – 500 ft ***

Smallest unit displayed

0.1 mm / 1/32 in

X-Range Power Technology



class 2, 635 nm, <1 mW

Digital Pointfinder with 4-fold zoom


Tilt measuring range ****


Tilt measuring tolerance

± 0.2°

ø laser point | at distances

6 / 30 / 60 mm | 10 / 50 / 100 m

Protection class

IP65 (dust tight and jet water protected)
drop tested from 2 m height

Auto. laser switch off after

90 s

Auto. power switch off after

180 s


up to 300 reports

Bluetooth® Smart

Bluetooth® v5.0

Range of Bluetooth® Smart

up to 10 m

Battery durability (Li-Ion 2 000 mAh)

up to 4’000 measurements
up to 8 hours operation time

Dimension (H x D x W)

154 x 68 x 25 mm

Weight (with batteries)

230 g

Temperature range storage | operation

-25 to 70 °C | -10 to 50 °C

* favourable conditions: white and diffuse reflecting target (white painted wall), low background illumination and moderate temperatures.

** unfavourable conditions: targets with lower or higher reflectivity or high background illumination or temperatures at the upper or lower end of the specified temperature range.

*** Tolerances apply from 0.05 m to 10 m with a confidence level of 95%. Above 5 m the tolerance may deteriorate according to the values given in the manual of the unit.

**** after user calibration. Additional angle related deviation are according to the values given in the manual of the unit.